ChaplainWatch Project

We are a chaplaincy-inspired organisation dedicated to being there when it matters.

ChaplainWatch Project has been raised up to inspire and facilitate the work of Chaplaincy.  Be they individuals or networks of Chaplains our aspiration to back this amazing band of selfless men and women.

There are three principle reasons for the development of ChaplainWatch as a Project.


The First is founded in our desire, as an organisation, to be able express our faith, life and mission through Christian Chaplaincy.

While each of our projects, NightWatch, StreetWatch, LifeWatch, fulfils the Biblical injunction to be involved in “works of ministry”, we are constrained in these “works of ministry” to openly express and share our faith.  We accept and respect the boundaries upon us in these three other Projects and conduct ourselves appropriately in a pluralistic secular world.

ChaplainWatch, as a Project, will allow us to be a more open and free in Christian expression without being disingenuous in the other projects.


Second is to draw together other [non-ChaplainWatch] Chaplains who are doing various forms of Chaplaincy or desiring to do so, yet they remain solo.  All too often these ministries ‘wither on the vine’ due to lack of care and support.  There are many Chaplains doing chaplaincy who we can support.


We possess a large reservoir of field chaplaincy knowledge and it is our desire to make it available to these chaplains to equip them for the work of the ministry.

To enliven this we have created a specific web site for the promotion of Chaplaincy.  It gives to individual Chaplains or networks of Chaplains a place to promote their own unique areas of ministry.

It works on an opt-in basis where Chaplains are allocated a page on the web site to present their profile and tell their story.


Third is about disasters and crisis events.  Our vision is to be able to drawdown from this catch-pool of trained and skilled Field Chaplains to rapidly respond to a disaster or in times of crisis.

With similar thinking we have created a specific web site called TRUST – Trauma Response Urban Support Team.  To understand this aspect more go to:

What’s a Chaplain

A Chaplain exist in their community and models what ‘neighbouring’ looks like.  The Christian mandate places love for our neighbours in the same category as our love for God.  Jesus, in his story about the Good Samaritan, tells when people are in trouble a neighbour will see it and will respond with compassion and support.(Luke 10:30-37)  The New Testament also declares that it is impossible to truly love God whom we have not seen while refusing to love our neighbour whom we have seen.(1 John 5)

Because of the enormous importance of ‘neighbouring’ in the Christian calling, ChaplainWatch gives high priority to role of Chaplain.  Where a Chaplain sees needs in their community, they start to “neighbour” their community, building relationships and gathering resources to help their neighbours respond to their needs and concerns.


What Chaplains do

Chaplains are there for you.

Some Chaplains perform wedding or funeral ceremonies, deliver spiritual messages, administer communion, offer prayer at public meetings, provide regular counselling, while there are specialist Chaplains attached to the military, hospitals, law enforcement and fire departments, sports teams, corporations and businesses, the arts and educational institutions.  Certain Chaplains also function as advocates; hospital chaplains, for example, may make requests of a nurse to help meet a particular patient’s needs; military chaplains may provide for marriage enrichment retreats.  Today, the range of opportunities where you will find a Chaplain is vast.

Chaplains meet the need of the moment.

Chaplains work in many environments

Chaplains serve the spiritual and emotional needs of others.

Recommended Resource: The Work of the Chaplain by Paget & McCormack